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Contact EON Energy – UK. Online Chat. Address. Open Hours

Contact EON Energy. For all your inquiries related to E.ON’s gas and electricity services, or if you need to settle an existing bill as a valued customer, simply dial 0345 303 3020 to connect with a knowledgeable E.ON representative who can provide you with comprehensive information and assistance.

About E.ON Energy

E.ON UK stands as a prominent energy company in the United Kingdom. It was formerly known as Powergen but has since evolved to become a leading provider of utilities across the country. Notably, E.ON UK is also recognized as the world’s largest investor-owned power and gas corporation, underlining its global significance in the energy sector.

E.ON Customer Services via Phone Number

To access E.ON UK’s dedicated customer services helpline, dial 0345 303 3020. This helpline connects you with energy specialists who can guide you through the range of gas and electricity products offered by E.ON. Whether you are seeking information on their residential or business energy solutions, the E.ON customer services representative can help you calculate the cost of energy tailored to your specific needs.

Contact EON Next – Energy. Furthermore, customers can inquire about E.ON’s homecare services, providing the convenience of requesting a callout in the event of a boiler or central heating breakdown. The E.ON customer services advisor also extends online support to callers encountering difficulties with their digital quote calculator or facing issues with logging into their account for online access to view and manage their energy bills.

In cases where you are uncertain about which E.ON helpline to contact, the customer services representative is equipped to direct you to a specialist who can offer more detailed support on various products, including prepayment meter services.

It’s worth noting that the E.ON customer service helpline operates on a 03 number, which means you will be charged the standard per-minute rate for all calls, regardless of whether you are using a landline or a mobile phone. However, it’s possible that calls to E.ON customer services may be free if your service provider offers inclusive minutes as part of your tariff agreement. The E.ON UK customer service helpline is available from 8 am to 8 pm on weekdays (Monday to Friday) and from 8 am to 6 pm on Saturdays.

Payments, Bills, and Readings Helplines. EON Energy

To discuss matters related to payments, bills, and meter readings with E.ON UK, call 0345 059 9905 to connect with a trained advisor. If you have a smart meter, this helpline is your go-to option for assistance. If you need guidance on taking gas meter readings, an E.ON representative can provide you with the necessary information.

Additionally, if you are facing difficulties in making a payment, the E.ON bills specialist can engage in a discussion to find a suitable solution to ensure that your gas and electricity supply remains uninterrupted. The E.ON payments team can also assess your eligibility for a warm home discount, which offers a £140 reduction on your winter energy bill, providing valuable financial relief.

Customers can use this helpline to report a change of address, ensuring that they continue to receive E.ON energy services at their new property. Furthermore, inquiries about the cost of energy in a new home, particularly in the case of larger properties that require more heating, can be addressed by the E.ON helpline for payments.

The representative from the E.ON helpline for payments and readings can also provide insights into the cost savings associated with a dual fuel energy tariff, where you can conveniently receive both gas and electricity services on a single consolidated bill.

Contact EON Energy. Similar to the E.ON customer service helpline, the E.ON UK helpline for payments and readings operates on a 03 number, which means that standard per-minute charges apply for calls made from both landlines and mobile phones. However, it’s worth noting that calls may be entirely free if they fall within the inclusive free minutes offered by your phone service provider. The operating hours for E.ON bills, payments.

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All E.ON Phone Numbers

  1. E.ON Customer Services
    • Phone Number. 0345 303 3020
  2. E.ON Repayment Meters
    • Phone Number. 0345 303 3040
  3. E.ON Smart Pay As You Go
    • Phone Number. 0345 366 5996
  4. E.ON Business Enquiries
    • Phone Number. 0333 202 4586
  5. Helpline for Callers Moving or Who Have Moved Home – Prepayment Meter Enquiries
    • Phone Number. 0345 303 3040
  6. Helpline for Callers Moving or Who Have Moved Home – Credit Meter Enquiries
    • Phone Number. 0345 303 3020
  7. Helpline for Callers Moving or Who Have Moved Home – Smart Meter Enquiries
    • Phone Number. 0345 366 5976
  8. Helpline if You’ve Changed Supplier – Prepayment Meter Enquiries
    • Phone Number. 0345 3012 3473
  9. Helpline if You’ve Changed Supplier – Credit Meter Enquiries
    • Phone Number. 0333 202 4610
  10. Complaints
    • Phone Number. 0333 202 4606
  11. Payments, Bills and Readings Helplines
    • Phone Number. 0345 059 9905
  12. To Receive Letters and Bills in Braille
    • Phone Number. 0333 202 6560
  13. Minicom Textphone for the Hard of Hearing
    • Phone Number. 0800 056 6560
    • Opening Hours: 8am-6pm Monday to Friday
  14. E.ON International Helpline
    • Phone Number. +44 115 843 4373
  15. Carbon Monoxide Emergencies
    • Phone Number. 0800 051 1470
  16. Problems with Your Gas Prepayment Meter
    • Phone Number. 0345 300 8144
  17. Gas Safe for Problems with Gas Boiler
    • Phone Number. 0800 051 1470
  18. E.ON UK Head Office
    • Phone Number. +44 24 7619 2000
  19. Power Cut Emergencies
    • Phone Number. 105
  20. National Gas Emergency Helpline
    • Phone Number. 0800 111 999

Other Ways to Get in Touch with EON Energy

E.ON Online Chat

Contact EON Energy. For those seeking a quick and convenient way to inquire about E.ON’s energy services, the online chat feature is an excellent option. E.ON provides a live chat widget on their website, allowing you to engage in real-time conversations with their support team. This method is ideal for addressing specific queries or getting immediate assistance with your energy-related concerns. Simply visit E.ON’s website and look for the chat option to start a conversation.

More informations about EON UK on the official website.

Write to E.ON via Mail

If you prefer a more formal approach or need to send a written complaint or inquiry, you can reach out to E.ON by sending a letter to their UK head office. Address your correspondence to:

E.ON Westwood Business Park Westwood Way Coventry, CV4 8HX United Kingdom

Writing a letter allows you to articulate your concerns in detail and provides a documented record of your communication with E.ON. Whether you have complex issues to address or simply prefer written communication, sending a letter is a reliable method to reach E.ON’s headquarters.

Contact EON Energy. These additional contact options ensure that you can choose the communication method that best suits your needs when reaching out to E.ON for assistance or inquiries. Whether it’s through online chat for immediate responses or a formal letter for specific matters, E.ON offers various avenues to connect with their team.

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